Comm Central

In the age of technology, on thing is for certain; computers and the like are not going anywhere anytime soon. From the moment you wake up in the morning, there is something computerized waiting for you to use it. From the coffee machine to the refrigerator that houses your milk and breakfast essentials, without technology, your days would be ruined. Along with technology comes communication, walking hand in hand. Without the proper communication systems in place, you wouldn’t know where to go or how to get there. Think of it this way: if you wake up in the morning thinking that you have to be at an important business meeting starting at 9 am, you go about your morning preparing for such. But, what if that meeting were postponed to another time, or moved to another location? How would you know? You would need communication. Not just any communication, but Commcentral Communication.

What we Provide to Business Owners

Commcentral Communication provides business owners and the like the opportunity to keep tabs on the goings on of the office and outside via one simple communications software hub installable on any Mac or PC or available as an app for mobile devices. Commcentral gives anyone taking part in a certain group updates sent immediately via text message, email or automated phone call to any device you choose.

Member Updates

Think of how nice it would be to sleep in another hour, knowing that your big meeting was moved to 10 am, or knowing immediately that your child’s school day was cancelled due to the weather.  All it takes is an update form a single member of any group. It’s even available for individual groups, so when you’re meeting up with a group of friends at the big game, you can all instantly communicate with one another, sharing parking spot locations, or other important information. Whatever your intended application, Commcentral can make your life a lot easier and give you the opportunity to focus on what’s important to you. Your time is valuable. Stop wasting it waiting for other people. Be on your own schedule with Commcentral.

It is also possible that you are a small business with a team of sales associates that are either on the job or in office, either way, their Long Island business phone systems can be formatted to ring or forward calls to any number you choose.